Club training of horsephysio

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#4 helen reynolds 2020-08-04 22:01

is there a diagram for this exercise please

#3 pauline paul.prevost 2017-12-02 13:43

y a t'il la possibilté d'avoir les shemas de cet video ?

#2 Kelly Walker 2017-10-09 23:16

Is there a diagram for this exercise?

#1 Sue Pennington 2017-04-12 21:17

This exercise is fantastic, I used it for a weekend clinic that I was running here in NZ. I introduce exercises progressively as I don't always know the horse and rider combinations that come along. Once we had warmed up and worked on straightness, rhythm and balance over other poles exercises I introduced the elevated X from the side first with only 2 poles raised to make a V then made it into an X. Once horses and riders were able to approach the X from both sides confidently I sent them down the line. As a Rider Biomechanics coach with a passion for Horse Biomechanics I love how riders have to work hard to stay in balance and mindful to ensure the horse stays in balance and mindful :)