General Terms and Conditions

Aim of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) govern the contractual relationship concerning the subscription of  the website (site) between the editor of the site and the subscriber.


The CT&C are valid as soon as they are online on the site. The editor reserves the right to change them at any time.

Scoap of application

By purchasing a suscription of the site, a personalized training session or any item in the webshop the client fully agrees to the GT&C.  

Subscription period and termination

The subscription is purchased for a specified time period. This time period is set and cannot be changed afterwards. The subscription will NOT automatically and tacitly be renewed after this time period has elapsed.

Cancelling of the site

If, for any reason, the site has to be cancelled whithin the valdidation time of the subscription, the editor will not pay back the money for the not yet elapsed time period of the subscription.

Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights concerning  the content accessible by the subscriber belongs to the editor. The subscriber is only permitted to consult the content. You are strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, or comercially exploit any material or content. The general terms of the Swiss law apply.

Payment by credit card

We only accept payment by Credit Card or PayPal. We garantee that your very personal data is strictly protected from being accessed by non authorised third parties.  To ensure the protection of your data we use newest technologies. All payment data sent to the server of the provider is powerfully SSL encrypted.

Delivery time

In general our delivery time in Switzerland is between 2 - 5 days if the articles ordered are deliverable.

Force majeure (superior force)

The editor reserves the right to suspend the disponibility of the site if he is prevented  from fulfilling his obligations under de contract in case of Force majeure. By Force majeure we understand by legal definition an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the editor.


The Swiss law is the proper law of the contract. The place of jurisdiction is Lausanne, Switzerland.

Confidentiality policy

Liability limit

The cited comments of clients on the site are inserted by people not having any connection to and who are not controlled or influenced by .  cannot take any responsibiliy regarding the faithfulness,  accuracy, actuality, or reliability of these statements. reserves the right to partially or fully change the content of the site, to cancel or suspend the diffusion of the site at any time without previous warning. cannot be held responsible for material or immaterial damage caused by the access to the content of the site, its application or wrong application as well as technical problems.


The website uses cookies for statistical reasons and to improve the layout for the user. One of the used cookies is essential for the functioning of certain parts of the website and has already been installed. This site does not work without cookies. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies for this intent.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small files given to a Web browser by a Web server. They are stored on your computer to memorize your movement in the web and remember your preferences when you change from one page to another and sometimes they memorize some parameters between visits. Cookies allow the web creator to collect statistical data such as the frequence of visits on certain sectors of the site. They help the creator to structure and improve the site, its functionality and user-friendliness.

How are cookies used on the website?
The cookies on this website are used to:

  1. study the number and type of visits of the site as well as its different pages in order to determin which parts of the site work well and which have to be improved;
  2. memorize your preferences for the screen presentation;
  3. make statistics on the number of users and their mode of use;
  4. improve the speed and performance of the pages on the website.

Cookies of third persons and partners 
Occasionally we use plug-ins or components of third persons in order to improve the site for the user. 
These components may use cookies of their own as well. Neither third persons nor the society that runs this site can access the data collected (using cookies) by the other party.

Suppression of cookies
You can refuse cookies (and therefore the use of this website) at any time by removing the cookies configurated by the site. You can do this in the parameters of your web navigator, you just delete your cookies and temporary internet files.

Local storage

We may collect and store data (including your personal data) on your device by using some mechanisms such as storage on the web navigator (including HTML 5) and the data cache.


This website may contain hyperlinks towards other sites not produced or controlled by our society. These other sites may not use the same confidentiality policy as we do. We cannot be held responsible for the content or confidentiality policy of those sites. We recommend you to read their policy and to verify in which way those protect your personal data and if they are trustworthy.


The present policy of confidentiality can be subject of change. No diminution of your rights will be applied without your explicit consent. We will publish any modification of the the policy on this page. In the case of an important modification we will publish a highlighted warning.



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