is your virtual online-coach for your successful horse training! Our main focus is your horses physical and mental health. All our training methods are a result of a decade-long experience. We have tested our methods with our own, as well as with our entrusted horses. Therefore our methods are fair and meet the needs of the animal. They foster your horse in a appropriate and effective way. All the riders from beginners to pro receive specific excercises for an ambitious performance. With our excercises we provide a focused muscle-building training, as well as a gentle an successful rehabilitation after injuries. Through our excercises your horse is able to develope from a beginner to a pro level – be it in muscle-building, body awareness, balance and obedience, in its concentration and motivation. Experience how your darling blooms and enjoys working through the variety of trainings we offer. If you encounter extraordinary difficulties, you have the option, to count on the support, counceling and coaching of as well as on the valuable exchange with the in our discussion board. You can also benefit from various clues, tricks and beneficial remedies for your horse.


Our team



17 year old dutch gelding – he is living proof that our training methods work. Even though many times diagnosed unfit for sports, we now see Thobi blossom in best health, despite his advanced age and pleases with a fabulous physique and success in sports.


A 12 year old swiss crossbred horse – a beautyful animal, who has gone through a wonderful development with us. He shows best health through our proven training methods and the loving care of his owner.


Our 11 year old pony with unkown descent – the smallest in the bunch who makes a good figure next to his bigger collegues thanks to a well balanced training.

John F. Marti

The heart, head, motor and founder of – certified horse-physiotherapist, proven training expert and exceptional animal lover. John F. Marti has internationally built and established the training methods of, through a decade long commitment and experience.

Michel Rodriguez

The architect and co-owner of, our webmaster – proven IT-expert with many years of experience. Responsible for the technical inplementation.

Roland Caamaño

In charge of communications and marketing – adviser and writer. Responsible for an appealing performance of, together with Michel Rodriguez and John F. Marti.