Progressive Work-out

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#8 olga iglikova 07-12-2022 20:54

Can you help me with diagrams please

#7 Mario Bulla 15-11-2019 20:55

Good day,

can you help me with diagram please?
Thank you and Best Regards.


#6 Kajsa Paulrud 18-09-2018 12:18

Please can I have the diagram also?

#5 ELEONORE UNGARO 06-06-2018 11:34

Hi, can you please send me the diagram and spacing for this exercise. thank you

#4 Suzanne Cooperman 02-05-2018 14:02

Hi, I would really like a diagram and spacing for this exercise. thank you

#3 Erika Dolermo 21-01-2018 18:27

Hi! I love the exercise, ma I nave the diagram of this set up?

#2 inge rodgers 24-11-2017 01:16

Hi, can you please let me know where the diagram is for the set up please?

#1 Denise Garlinghouse 02-11-2017 00:58

Love this exercise! What is the spacing of these poles?